Why is some media not opening?

Internet browsers are now automatically blocking Mixed Active Content. This is a security enhancement that prevents Active Content delivered through an unsecured (HTTP) connection from displaying on a secure (HTTPS) website. Malicious Active Content has the potential to change a secure page, allowing an attacker to capture sensitive information sent to and from a user’s computer. Blocking active content prevents this type of attack.

To temporarily allow mixed content during the time spent within your Blackboard Learn course site, you would need to explicitly allow the content to load, otherwise you would get a blank area where you expect content to appear. Know that you can permanently disable the blocking of mixed content, however, this decision is up to you as it may put your computer at risk. Please find your preferred browser below and follow the steps to change the settings:

firefox_logo-only_RGB-300dpi.jpgMozilla Firefox:

  1. Click the shield icon in the address bar and choose Disable Protection on This Page from the drop down menu.
  2. The icon in the address bar will change to an orange warning triangle;to remind you that insecure content is being displayed.
  3. Reload the page to re-enable content blocking
  4. The icon may also appear as a “lego” brick in the same location as the shield

Google_Chrome_icon_(2011).svg.pngGoogle Chrome:

  1. An alert icon will appear in the address bar which, when moused over, provides a warning that the page contains insecure content.
  2. Use the following steps to allow the content to display:
  3. Click the lock icon in the address bar and select Always Allow for Flash, Microphone, or Webcam depending on what needs to be used..
  4. The URL in the address bar will show to indicate that the page is not fully secure.
  5. Reload the page to re-enable content blocking.



  • Secure browsing is always enabled in Safari and is not recommended when accessing myCourses.