What is the myCourses Activity Feed?

The myCourses Activity Feed is an area of myCourses that makes it easier for you (and your students) to see what is happening in all of your online courses at a glance.The Activity Feed can be found in by clicking on your name, located in the uppermost right-hand corner of the myCourses Dashboard. It can streamline your workflow (and save you time!).

Screenshot 2015-05-13 15.24.11.png

bbhomeBb Home

Think of BbHome as your home page. It gives you a quick summary of what was due last week, this week and today. You can also see the first sentence or two of any recent posts in discussion boards you are following.


In the Posts section, you can find all of the posts in any discussion boards you created or are following across myCourses. This streamlines your ability to stay connected to the discussion boards in all of your classes without needing to go into each individual course space. Used wisely, Posts can be a huge time saver!


Under Updates, students will see a list of courses that have recent updates, along with any announcements from your course. An example of an update they might see would be that a test or assignment has been posted.


Calendar is, by far, the simplest way for students to see all of their due dates, from all of their classes on myCourses, at a glance. If you have a due date attached to an assignment, your students will see it on the calendar. Each class is also color-coded for convenience.


People is a really neat feature. If your students have created a profile, you will see their photograph and any other information they choose to share.

Watch the video below to see the Activity Feed in action:

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