What is REEF Polling?

REEF Polling is a classroom response system where students use a computer, smart phone, tablet, or special remote called a “iClicker” to answer questions posed by their instructor throughout a class session.
Students in courses requiring REEF will need to register for an account at https://app.reef-education.com/

Please see the following guide for instructions on registering and using REEF:
REEF Student Quick-Start Guide

How do I add a course to my REEF account?

In order to respond have your responses recorded by your instructor, you will need to add the corresponding course to your REEF account.
Instructions for adding a REEF course can be found here.

How much does REEF cost for students?

Following account registration students will have to purchase a REEF subscription. Subscriptions can be purchased for varying lengths of time:
6-month (180 days) for $14.99
1-year (365 days) for $23.99
2-year (730 days) for $32.99
4-year (1460 days) for $47.99

What devices can be used with REEF?

Any device that has access to the internet, such as a laptop, tablet, or mobile device, can access REEF through https://app.reef-education.com/.
Android and iOS apps available free from their respective app stores.

Can iClicker remotes be used with REEF?

The ability to use iClicker remotes is up to the faculty member teaching the course. They can chose whether or not to use traditional iClicker remotes in conjunction with REEF Polling. Please check with your professors before purchasing an iClicker remote.

If you are able to utilize an iClicker remote in a course and choose to do so, you will need to register your iClicker though REEF website. Please follow these instructions in order to register your remote. Students with unregistered remotes will not receive credit for in-class responses.