How do I register my iClicker?

If you plan to use an iClicker remote to participate in class, you must fist add your remote ID in Reef. You can either do this when you create a Reef student account or any time after through your account profile.

In order to do this, you will need the remote ID, an 8-alphanumeric code found on the back or side or your remote.

If you’re creating a new student account:

Click or tap Yes, register a remote at the time of account creation.

Enter your iClicker remote ID and click or tap Save.

If you’ve already created a student account:

Click or tap the menu icon in your course then click or tap Profile.

Click or tap Register Remotes. You can also change your student ID or e-mail from this page, if needed.

Click or tap Register Remote. If you have already registered a remote, you can view that information here.

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Enter your remote ID and click or tap Save.