Getting started with Techsmith Relay


TechSmith Relay (often called Relay for short) is a computer screen recording tool that can be used to create narrated videos of what is happening on a computer screen. The software records your screen, your voice, and can optionally include webcam video of your face. Once the recording is complete Relay handles the video processing and uploads it to your YouTube channel. These videos can be embedded in myCourses, emailed to students, or placed just about anywhere online that you would like to put them. YouTube even allows a few different levels of video privacy so that you can keep your videos visible only to your students if you prefer. Instructors maintain full control of their Relay recorded videos and can delete or hide them at any time.

Help Documentation

  1. How to Create a YouTube Account
  2. How to set up Relay for the first time.
  3. How to embed a YouTube video in a myCourses site.
  4. How to Edit Automatic Captions in YouTube.


Check out the samples embedded below to see how people are using Techsmith Relay here at UMass Dartmouth.

Some people are using Relay to record welcome tours of their myCourses sites:

Professor John Buck in the College of Engineering uses Relay to record himself solving complicated math problems so that students can watch how it’s done as many times as they would like to.

Many instructors have also used Relay to record audio narration over a PowerPoint presentation to put an entire lecture online. This is a great way to makeup for some of those lost snow days!

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